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I wasn't used to fasting regularly during Ramadan, and being away from home for the first time, I didn't expect myself to do so. However, since a friend introduced to me, I've enjoyed every single option and felt responsible for my duties. Your service is simply amazing. well done and thanks!

This is the best site I've ever seen for Pray Time; Excellent. May God reward you for doing this. Thank you very much.

May Allah bless who ever made this website. I use this website alot and it helps me to pray more on time. Thank you for uploading such beautiful AZANS.

Salaam alekuem,
Insha Allah, your prayers in this holly month of Ramedan been accepted by Allah.
I think your Holly Quran section it is excellent,because beside me I hear it from my friends,they said " you never get tiered of reading Quran" with the correction .
We are very lucky generation to benefit from your in USA.
I pray to Allah(SW) to rewards you all in this month and years after to comes.
Thank you

Simply it is awesome. PrayTime is a companion in Ramadan.
You did great job.

May God reward you for all your sincere and great efforts
PrayTime Info is for sure more than a website for us ...

Excellent and most useful site. Masha'allah. May Almighty reward you for helping even one mu'min recite his/her prayer on time. Jazakallah.

As salaamu alaikum,
I would like to congratulate you and thank you for a wonderful job on the web site. May Allah SWT reward you for your efforts and give you even more strength and support.
Wa salaam,

Dear unknowns,
Big thanks for your great effort in setting up such a great website, and especially thanks for "Ramadan Special" which brings me the sense of being with my family, even when I am thousands of kilometers apart from them. God Bless you all.
Best Wishes and Regards,

Asselam O Alaikum,
This is by far the best website that I have come across. Remarkable work you people have put together. MASHALLAH, may Allah bless you for this.

I would like to appreciate your invaluable efforts to prepare the excellent materials in this site. I really enjoy everything in your site.

In The Name Of God
I don't know what to say I can just say thanks you made it easy I pray for you to be alive and go on in your way thanks.goodbye.

Dear brothers and sisters,
I would like to thank you for your huge efforts and great job here in praytime web site. ALLAH will count that to you and you will see it on Judgment day.
Thanks again and best regards,

I feel that PrayTime has made me spoiled!
I use it a lot and I'm dependent on your site.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I just wanted to thank you for developing such a useful website. I personally use it on daily basis. Jazakom ALLAH Khayra and wish you success.
Seyyed Vahid

Salaams. Just wanted to thank you for this great web site. I always keep it open, and it helps me pray on time! The count down feature is great - it helps me mentally prepare for the upcoming salaat.

Salam alekuem,
I want to thank you all for the great job you have done in I know it was a lot of hours of hard work but I pray to ALLAH you all get rewarded. It is a revolutionary site that can bring all Muslims together around the world in peace by one point—the Qibla.
Mrs. Tehrani

Salam Alaikum,
Thank you very much for this lovely website, and I pray to Allah (SWT) that He may reward you all for this great deed, and that he gives you the strength to keep the service running. Ameen.

This is a great site. Never saw anything like this. I am using the "salat time software" for the calculation of my prayer times.

Prayer times customized to locale, Qiblah Direction at locale, and most importantly: COUNTDOWN TO NEXT ADHAN! This is so great !!! May Allah (swt) Almighty reward you for such wonderful work! I keep your web-page open at office to see how much time to the next prayer, so I can be prepared in advance. It helps in reading Salah on TIME.
May God bless you! Was-salaam.

Dear PrayTime,
I just saw your beautiful web-site. It is really great!! I truly enjoyed its nice and neat design, as well as its useful contents. May Allah accept the hard and sincere effort you have put on this web-site, and reward you immensely. I will share the web-site's link with my community.
Thanks again,
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